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Well, I decided its been a long time since I blogged….again….but more importantly, its been a long time since I’ve given my perspective on anything. Whether you are looking for it here on my blog or from the podcast, it hasn’t been coming. I feel bad, I feel like I am not doing my job, and I apologize.

So I thought I would start off with something easy for me at least, how about video games. Yup, that’s one of the things I know best especially since coming to college. I have recently picked up a lot of new, old, and interesting games. I am going to start off with Fallout 3.

Now I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first got it, but as soon as I started playing, it seemed just like home. If you have ever played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, this game will seem familiar to you as well. Ok, I’m not going to lie, the games are almost identical. Now some may ask if that is a good or a bad thing. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure. But for people that liked Oblivion, it can’t be a completely bad thing.

There are a few differences between the games. Fallout is based on a post-apocalyptic present where you have to escape the vault and fight some crazy mutant beings. There is also a sort of combo thing you can do now. You regenerate attack points and can use them against the mutants. It is fairly entertaining. But I would say if you are in the market for a good, single player RPG, Fallout is the game you should check out.

I’ve also recently just picked up Dead Space. Now this game to me was pretty creepy. Now I haven’t got into the game very far at all, but already, it seems almost predictable. Like you know where the monsters are going to come from next. But maybe thats just me. Also I thought that the controls were a little sluggish. Again, that could be me or my computer. But not a bad game to check out either.

Almost a month ago now I ordered an original NES of off eBay. It finally showed up with two controllers, the gun and Super Mario/Duck Hunt. I was so excited. I had also picked up Contra, Kirby’s Adventure, Yoshi, and Kung Fu, so I didn’t get bored right away. So there in the nostalgic corner, I have a couple more games now.

And last but not least, I picked up a couple of games for the PS2 that I have been wanting for a long time. Shadow of the Colossus and The Bully. Both very fun and entertaining games. I would recommend Shadow of the Colossus of The Bully though.

Well there is my little ramble for the day on my new and favorite video games. If you want to check out my newest website that I have built for my fraternity, Phi Kappa Theta, check it out here and let me know what you think. Also if you like my blog or if you don’t, or you want to see us get Our Perspective going again, let me know, leave a comment or email me at devvon@gmail.com. Thanks for reading.

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