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Aliens or Bust

I was thinking that I have to get a new blog post up here, its been a while since I had had one. (At least it isn’t as long as Kevin has been without a new blog.)

So when thinking about something to write about, I decided to take one of the topics from a previous episode of ‘Our Perspective‘ and write a little bit more in depth about it. I thought I would write a little bit more about what I think about aliens.

As you may know, I whole-heartedly believe that there is some sort of extra-terrestrial beings out there. There has to be, somewhere out in the universe. Just a couple of days ago on the podcast, we had a story about how big the universe is getting. I think it was somewhere in the 160 billion light-year range. Whether you believe in evolution or creation, I don’t think it makes a difference. Either somewhere on another planet, life has evolved, or some being would have created life on another planet.

Then I look at how long our Earth has been around. Somewhere around 5 billion years old… Homosapiens have been around for somewhere in the 250,000 years mark. That means the Earth is about 20,000 times older than humans. I think it is possible that there was another humanoid species on Earth before us, got to a very advanced stage and left Earth before it went into one of its ice age periods or something and they left no trace. We would never know about them.

Then you have to look at the fact that earlier this summer, Pope Benedict just said that it was ok for Catholics to believe in aliens….. If that isn’t reason enough to believe that aliens are out there, i don’t know what is.

So aliens exist… confirmed.

Now about all of the UFO sightings… probably not true. Look at it this way. If there is another civilization out there, with technologies capable of travelling to our planet, they probably have technology enough to not be seen. They also would probably not just float around in the sky letting people video tape them, they would probably try some way of communicating or something.

So now we know that aliens are real but they probably aren’t flying around Earth abducting people.

Now lets go and listen to the latest episode of the podcast, vote in the poll, and send all of our suggestions and comments to either Kevin or me.

Thanks a lot.

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