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Frog Disaster

So I’m sorry about the last post, maybe it was just to early to try to name them or maybe they just didn’t like the attention. I assume that both of them are dead. I say assume they are dead because I can’t find one of them. I have found one, he was sitting at the bottom of the aquarium the other day when I woke up. The other one….was gone. I don’t know if the other frog ate him, or if he disintegrated, or if he just flew away, but he is gone.

So assuming that both frogs are dead I don’t think that we can have the naming contest anymore. Sad I know, but its not like all 15 million of my readers submitted names, so I don’t think to many people are going to be heart broken. But maybe in the future we will do something like this again, because now I just bought an aquarium and all the fixings and they are sitting empty. We will see though. It will probably be after school starts before I would get anything else though. Thanks to those of you that did send in frog name ideas though.

So right now I am in Sioux Falls for the Reunion Honor’s Choir. I had a few extra hours to do nothing so I decided to right a new blog and share that bad news. Good news though, I got the Techfellowship at USD for next year, which is pretty exciting, it pays for quite a bit of school, so all is good in the paying-for-school department.

But keep listening, reading, commenting, suggesting, and voting, its all appreciated. I’ll be back later.

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