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Whats been going on.

So I’ve decided that I have spent enough time away from the blogosphere and the rest of this whole side of the world for long enough. This is now my first blog in a long time but I am going to just try to jump right back into it.

Hopefully we will be getting Our Perspective the podcast going here again about once a week, as soon as Kevin decides to send me his schedule so we can figure out a time that would work to do it. I am really excited to start doing it again, and bring a little bit more college feel to it.

I suppose I should share a little bit about what has been going on for me since I last wrote a blog or did a podcast. Well, mainly, I am at college now. Thats basically it. So anyone one of you that has been to college you know what I mean.

But college is really cool, I am a Music Education major right now, so I have a lot of fun classes. Recital lab, voice lesson, choir, music theory, stuff like that, its all fun. I also just signed with the newest fraternity here on the USD campus, Phi Kappa Theta. I was just elected Public Relations Chairman. I recommend the greek experience to everyone going to college, you won’t be disappointed (if you are at USD you should check out Phi Kappa Theta, just give me a shout out if you want some info).

We also just this year are getting an Ultimate Frisbee club going here at USD. It’s going really good, we have a bunch of good players already. We are also doing a fundraiser for Halloween. We are putting on a haunted house on the 31st. 5-9 for everyone. Then 10-whenever for 21 and older(I’ve heard you get a free shot for going but don’t tell anyone I told you that). If you are here at USD you should check that out too and support the Ultimate Frisbee Club here.

Other than those two things, I’ve been going to church and singing a lot. I am also working at a help desk for the Computer Science 105 class this year. It’s really fun, I get to help out all of the people that don’t know how to use computers and we have a good time.

But once again, I think I have gone on for to long. So hopefully, if anyone is still interested, Our Perspective should be coming back to life here shortly, I will keep you posted. But I will talk to you all later.

Devon Schreiner

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