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Zemanta Recommended This Title

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So this here is kind of a test post for me. I just downloaded and installed a new WordPress plugin called Zemanta. From what I understand, Zemanta has been around for a while, they have just finally created a WP plugin so you can use it to enhance your blog posts on WordPress. This is a test post for me to see how it works and if it’s really that helpful.


Serengeti 16
Image by naeem.ebrahimjee via Flickr

After typing that first paragraph there, I click the refresh button on the Zemanta “Content Recommendations” bar that the plugin adds. It came up with a couple of really good pictures and some related articles. The picture at the beginning of the post here is actually from there. But then it also found this picture of a bird. I’m not quite sure what this ugly, flying friend of ours has to do with my blog post yet, but Zemanta did recommend it to me, so I think he’s going to stay.

Zemanta also gives a couple of other nice features. There is a nice little box right under the tags box that suggests tags you should use for this post. It also suggests, right under the post editing box, words that you should link, and then a bunch of sample links for that word.

A couple other preferences that you can set include the sources of the recommended content. You can include your blogs, favorite blogs, your Flickr profile and even your Amazon Affiliate account. That’s pretty cool.

So far, it’s probably not the most accurate at guessing exactly what picture I want to add to my post but it does do a pretty good job at getting the idea. And it sure makes adding those pictures super easy. If you’ve got some time, try it out. I’m glad I did. I’ll be using Zemanta for a while, hopefully it will get better the longer I use it.

Have you been using Zemanta already? Let me know what you think of it in the comments or @DevonSchreiner or @InflectoVita.

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