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You’re Weird!

Everybody has their own quirks. Some of them are small, private things that nobody will ever know about. Smiling anytime you see a reflective surface, eating your pizza backwards, not a big deal. Some people have bigger quirks…

Basically, I am writing this blog to share a particular encounter I had earlier today. This particular woman was acting just a little stranger than normal. I am not sure if she acts this way all of the time, maybe this was a one time thing, but it sure was weird.

Today I walked past a lady talking on her cell phone. She had her phone cradled between her ear and her shoulder. What’s weird about that, right? She wasn’t carrying anything, that’s what is weird. The more I think about it, the more I can’t figure out why I have such a problem with this, but I do.

Let me paint this picture a little bit more vividly. I ask you to just imagine, close your eyes, and picture this in your mind. Walking down the sidewalk on a cold, Wednesday morning. A woman is walking towards you with her head cocked to the side. As you get closer, you can hear her talking. Now you notice that she is on her cell phone. Her arms dangle at her side while she walks. She just looks awkward as if she has no control over these arms of hers.

How is that for you? Weird enough? Good, it was really weird for me. 😀

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