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How’s it going?!?

Ya, me too. Well I just thought I would let everyone know I am going to be blogging a little more. I’ve got a couple of ideas that I’m going to be implementing in the next couple weeks here. Just trying to make a little extra money here and there.

First, I know that no one wants to hear this, but I’m going to be doing some reviews and things on the blog here. Try to make some extra money. You know, just doing the college kid thing and trying to make it all work.

Second, I’ve got some things that I will probably be putting on eBay. I’ll make sure that those get up on here too, it won’t be much, but that will all be up.

I’ve also started up a CafePress store, SunSchrein’s Shop. I’ve got some really simple designs that I wouldn’t mind having in shirts. Some things that I can’t believe that I haven’t seen yet.

So I guess this is just kind of a little update, and I will be doing this a little bit more regularly.

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