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A Long, Zombieless Weekend

This weekend was very nice. I got to wish my mom a surprise Happy Birthday(which was very fun) and I got to spend a wonderful Valentine’s Day with my even more wonderful girlfriend. But even better, is I did not see one zombie. From Friday until today (Monday) I did not see one zombie. Thank You!

But now I am back on the campus of DSU and again in zombie territory. Once again, I am confined to my room unless I want to take the risk of venturing outside. What was once a nice break from my room at the TC has become a very deadly adventure.

I still have not heard the carnage report as of yet of this weekend. Hopefully there are plenty of humans left to keep me sane in the coming week. I can only imagine the swarms of zombies already coming back to campus after this weekend to feed upon the rest of the people that are still alive.

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