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Shoo Fly, Don’t Mess With Me

Fly on a LeafFirstly, I would like to state. I hate winter. Luckily we only have 176 days until Spring! Don’t let me get side tracked though. I just wanted to start by saying that I hate winter so nobody gets confused with the next thing I’m about to say. Winter has one good going for it, no bugs.

I mention this because there were a lot of bugs in my apartment today. More specifically flies. I grilled supper so I was in and out of the door quite a few times. Every time I opened the door, at least four more flies flew in. They started getting sneakier and trickier so I had to step up my game.

After finishing my supper with my bedroom door closed so none of the insects bugged me (see what I did there?) it was time to hunt. With my bare hands and a can of bug spray, I was ready to do some damage. I swatted, sprayed and slapped for the next half hour or so, hunting down every last fly that had snuck into my home.

All said and done the kill count had to be above twenty. I was proud of myself. I had mastered the flies. I gave myself a pat on the back and was back to life as normal. I did find a few stragglers after that but they were put out of their misery quickly enough. I can still hear the screams as those I threw that one down the garbage disposal…

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