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In A Roundabout Kind Of Way

Sioux Falls SD Roundabout

I’m going to tell you like it is. I like things that are different. I don’t care for things that everyone else has, trends that are mainstream or stuff that is popular. I hope that doesn’t make me a hipster….

I thought about this today when I drove through the University Center‘s campus. I’ve driven through there quite a few times now but it really just hit me today. This is a roundabout. Holy crap. When was the last time you saw a freaking roundabout in South Dakota? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.

Now why would the University Center choose to have a roundabout on their campus? Wouldn’t the normal set of stoplights have done just as well? The better question right now is “Why not have a roundabout?” You know that someone in the construction team was like, “What if we put a roundabout in the middle of campus?” and everybody else looked at each other, “That’s a flipping amazing idea!”

This uniqueness is one of the reasons I love Sioux Falls. Nowhere else I have lived in South Dakota would have ever dreamed of putting a roundabout in the town. Sioux Falls has enough progressive thinkers that sometimes we can have cool stuff here. Even if it is just a roundabout.

All I have to say is thanks University Center. Thank you for being different. Thank you for not putting in a set of stop lights. I love your roundabout. It’s pretty cool.

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