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9/24/2011: Brain Explosions

Cranium ExplosionSorry future Devon and anyone else who may be reading this blog. I didn’t have any ground-breaking epiphanies today. Nothing Earth-shattering, mind-bending or cranium-exploding. Yup, that last one was a little bit of a stretch. But that was my day.

Since nothing hit me today as a great topic to blog about I’ll probably just go through my day and give everyone a little update as to what’s going on.

So on a higher level, I’ve been working at BrightPlanet for now for two weeks. Work has been an incredible, learning experience so far and it’s only going to get better. School is also becoming really fun and challenging. There is a huge amount of work to be done but I really feel I’m learning and growing professionally from it.

Today, Katie and John were in Sioux Falls and we all went to a couple garage sales, stores and out to eat at Famous Dave’s. After that I was kind of a pile and just sat around doing nothing, playing League of Legends and watching 30 Rock. It’s a Saturday, what were you expecting?!

I’m looking forward to doing the same tomorrow and maybe add in a little motorcycle riding and probably some homework and hopefully a little Dance Dance Revolution. I’m just glad it’s not Monday yet.

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