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22 And Getting Older

So yesterday, the 6th of December, was my birthday. I’m officially 22 years old and getting older. It’s kind of crazy how fast time flies, but I’m excited to keep it moving at this point.

Since it was a Tuesday, we didn’t do anything spectacular. A couple of my good friends and I went down to Old Chicago to get some free pizzas for it being most of our birthday months. There are so many things I like about Old Chicago. Good pizza. Good beer. The World Beer Tour. All this awesome stuff.

Speaking of beer awesomeness, I have started using Untappd at the recommendation of Mr. Ben Lippert. You can find my profile right here. Last night I had a Santa Stout by the Empyrean Brewing Company as well as a Schokolade Bock by Millstream Brewing. Cool app and a good way to find the right beer. I’m excited to continue to use it.

Since I didn’t do anything extravagant for my actual birthday, I am hosting a get together this Friday. We’re going to start at Old Chicago again, because we still have a couple of free pizzas to get, and then who knows what is going to happen from there! I think it will be a good weekend because Katie will be up here and I’m hoping to be all but done with this semester’s classes by then.

So, thank you Untappd for being awesome and for promoting good beer and thank you Old Chicago for free pizza and having good beer! Go support these two entities!

Also, a picture of a squirrel drinking a Guinness!

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