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It’s Been Warm

Well, let me rephrase that title. It’s been warm, considering. Considering we are over halfway through December already. Today is the 16th and we really haven’t seen any snow yet. Every couple mornings or so, I’ve found frost on my windows in the morning, but no snow so far.

Do you see that picture over to the left?? I took that on December 14th. It was raining! What’s going on here?!

Also, have you looked at the weather forecast lately? I just did. When is it going to snow you ask? Well the ten day forecast doesn’t show it getting below freezing or any snow yet. That’s through Christmas!! Not only no snow until the end of December but we are already almost halfway through winter! We can do this!

The Winter Solstice is on December 22nd, that’s halfway through winter. I think we can survive this winter. I’m glad that my last winter in South Dakota, at least for a while, is shaping up to be a very mild one. I’m very thankful for that.

I didn’t get to ride my motorcycle on my birthday this year, but I may be riding it this weekend.

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