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I Saved 19 Dollars and 82 Cents

Honda Shadow Aero 750 V-Twin200 hundred miles is a long way. Especially on a motorcycle. Or at least it was for me today. I rode my hog from Sioux Falls up to Madison, then down to Mitchell and finally back to Sioux Falls. I’m not going to be talking about the extra little trip to Mitchell, it’s a little bit of a sore subject. I’ll give you one word, FAFSA.

When I left for Madison this morning at 6:45am, it was right around 45 degrees. It was really cold. Luckily for the rest of the trip, it was pretty darn perfect. But it was still a long ride. Not sure if it is how I sit on the bike, the fact that it’s a 750 and might be too small for interstate driving or just not having highway pegs, but I was a little sore when I got off.

But I would like to break this down quick and do a little math for you here. I drove a total of just over 200 miles today but we’ll say it was 200 just to keep the numbers nice.


200 miles / 22 mpg = 9.091 gallons of gas * $3.59 per gallon = $32.64


200 miles / 56 mpg = 3.571 gallons of gas * $3.59 per gallon = $12.82

$32.64 – $12.82 = $19.82 saved!

Not only did I have way more fun for those three hours of my life than you did, I saved almost twenty bucks doing it! I love my motorcycle and there is nothing you could do to make me give it up!

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