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My Girlfriend Is Awesome

Katie and Devon's PhotoshootMy girlfriend is amazing. She is fun, sweet, pretty and amazing. This post is dedicated to her because I really love her (and she keeps ‘suggesting’ I write a post about how amazing she is.) Also, the picture is related. The beautiful female is her and the dashing, young man next to her is me. You can find the rest of that photoshoot right here.

Katie has her own blog. It’s almost as amazing the author. She likes to talk about everything that happened during her day there. I’m kind of proud of myself for getting her into blogging. She’s such a nerd 😀 I also decided to compile this list of why my girlfriend is awesome.

Top 10 Reasons My Girlfriend Is Awesome:

10. She is the sweetest person in the world.

9. She sings like an angel. (There’s a reason Josh Groban isn’t dating her and it’s because he can’t date someone who sings better than he does.)

8. She tells the best stories. Ever.

7. She’s adorkable 🙂

6. She uses Twitter.

5. She’s really pretty, you can tell by the picture.

4. She’s my girlfriend.

3. She is really good photoshop.

2. She likes to play games with me.

1. She likes me back.

Honorable Mention: She is a goose.

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