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End Of The Year Update

It’s almost 2012, so I thought I would give a little update of what’s going on in the life of Devon. I’ve got a bunch of things that I wanted to mention but nothing that I thought I could get a whole blog post about. So here are a bunch of things.


Holy crap! What’s going on South Dakota?! If we keep getting temperatures in the 50’s at the end of December, I won’t need to move. Except to get out of South Dakota and to somewhere a little more civilized.

Also, if you haven’t, check out that countdown on the right side of my blog here. We are over halfway done with winter and it’s like it hasn’t even started yet. I am completely ok with this.


I celebrate Christmas, for all who care, but I say holidays because there is way more than just Christmas going on right

now. It all starts with Thanksgiving and just keeps building up from there. My birthday is the beginning of December and then everyone else has birthdays. We made very good use of our free pizzas and awesome beer at Old Chicago. My sister, girlfriend and a couple of really close friends, all have birthdays in December too.

Then there is Christmas, which is always a good time. Way too much family, food and this year, drinking because everyone in the family is now 21. After all that, I received some very generous gifts this year. A couple of great t-shirts, including a Chad Greenway/Vikings shirt and an awesome Guinness shirt, a magnificent Newcastle mirror, a Guinness pouring spoon, a Barkley piggy bank, some grilling supplies, an espresso machine, some Guinness and a couple packs of Bucky Balls.

After Christmas is New Years and then my dad’s birthday. Before you know it, it’s my mom’s birthday and Valentine’s Day. *sigh*


Well I officially only have one semester left of my college career. I passed all my classes last semester proudly with a 3.0 and I’m ready for this to be an easy semester. I’m taking three classes in the spring and then two in the summer. Luckily though, I still graduate and all that jazz in May. This little spread-out allows me to keep working and still have a schedule for classes at all. Which brings me to work.


I’m still at BrightPlanet, doing the IT thing and it’s a lot of fun. I’m not just reformatting computers, I’m not refilling the printer cartridge, I’m actually doing real work.

I have been completely a bunch of tasks working with databases, migrating them, installing them, making changes, and it’s all been very enlightening. I definitely know that I don’t want to be a DBA when I graduate school, but it is invaluable experience nonetheless.

We are also starting a roll-0ut of Linux virtual machines and I’m helping get them ready. First we figured out everything that had to go on the machines and now we are writing scripts to automate the process so that we are always a button press away from spinning up a new machine. I’m really learning to like Linux/the command line.

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