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Fun With Gmail

Even though email is getting on in it’s years, everyone still uses it. Email is still many years from it’s demise. In my opinion, Gmail is the best way to send and receive your email today. Gmail has some of the best storage, features and spam filters out there. Many people use Gmail but not nearly as many know about the Gmail Labs. Gmail Labs is just a collection of experimental, beta settings and tweaks that can be added to your Gmail account to help you out or just for fun. I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you. First, you will have to go to setting in the upper left hand corner of your Gmail account then click the Labs tab.Once in the Labs tab, there is a long list of different features that you can add to your Gmail account. One of the most helpful Labs I’ve found is the Default Text Styling Lab. This lab will allow you to set the default font for your email messages. You can change size, color, font and other things related to they font. This is nice for making your email stand out against the other emails.Two other Labs that I really like almost go hand in hand. The Mail Goggles Lab and the Undo Send Lab. The Mail Goggles Lab will, after a specific time that you set, prompt you to solve simple math computations. Computations that you would be able to easily solve as long as you are sober. If you are not quite so sober at the times that you set, hopefully you will be a little bit more discouraged to send some emails you may later regret.The Undo Send Lab prompts you after you have sent an email, if you want to undo it. Just in case you got through your Mail Goggles test but then after you press the send button you instantly regret what you just sent, you can undo it. Or if you suddenly realize you forgot to attach the attachment. This is the Lab for you.Another little tweak you can add to your Gmail that I love is the Title Tweak Lab. This changes the order of the title of the Gmail tab. I find this Lab really useful when I have many tabs open on my browser. The only thing that I can normally see is Gmai… With this Lab turned on, the first thing you see is the number of new emails that you have. You know that that tab is for Gmail, now you can see the important information first.These are some of my favorite Labs. Check them out for yourself and let me know what your favorites are, I would love to hear from you.

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