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LFG Radio: A Reflection

LFG Radio has officially been around for three months now. Three months is a milestone I’ve been waiting for as our host company, Radionomy, has dubbed it a milestone. So here is a quick rundown of what’s going on, what this milestone is, and what the future of LFG Radio looks like.

Three Month Milestone

So Radionomy has created the three month milestone. Basically they have said that after three months, your radio station has to have an average of at least 12 listener hours a day, or they delete your station from their servers. If you make it to this milestone, you also get extra storage and a couple of other perks. I’m happy to say, LFG Radio has met this milestone and as of this moment, is sitting well above the 12 hours average.

There is also a nine month milestone that we will be judged on in another six months. This milestone requires your station have 130 listener hours a day to not get your radio station blown away into oblivion. And I mean that, they literally just remove ever trace of your station, it seems pretty harsh to me, especially with no leniency towards someone who has just put in nine months of work and may be at 129 hours.

Where We Are

At our three month anniversary, LFG Radio has partnered with a couple of absolutely outstanding organizations, including SeasonedGaming.com, ChargedShot.com, and League Of Lagers. These partnerships have been fantastic and they have helped provide regular content for LFG Radio. And I’m hoping that the partnership has been beneficial both ways and listeners have supported these organizations as well.

LFG Radio was started as a hobby and a side project for me. I love both gaming and music and wanted to combine them. It’s been another outlet for me to be able to write, record, listen, and connect with others. I’ve made some really good new friends and I’ve connected with some old friends through this adventure already.

What Does The Future Hold

Unfortunately, the future looks pretty dim for LFG Radio. I have found that after the initial set up, the day to day maintenance of the station has become time consuming and tedious for seemingly very little return. Spending a couple hours recording or editing, just for something to air once or twice. And the worst part would be trying to advertise that a show was going to play, then to watch those hours go completely to waste as no new listeners would tune in for that show.

After the initial start up of the station, maintenance has turned into a numbers and listeners game. How can I get more listeners? How can I get that average hours per day number to grow? How can I make people keep listening? And that was the unforeseen endeavor of this project.

Looking forward, I know that I have another six months to get to 130 listener hours a day. Is it possible? Yes. Definitely possible. But is it worth the work that I would be putting in? Is it worth sacrificing my time with my family and friends, the time I could be doing school work, or furthering my full-time career? Is it worth the tedious hours of social media and marketing work? I started this project because I enjoy music and video games, not because I enjoy scheduling tweets and correcting song title and artist data.

So as of this moment, LFG Radio will continue to play for the next six months. The music will be there for anyone that has enjoyed it so far. If I have a massive change of heart or someone comes along and wants to take over the station, I’d be happy to help with that transition. But for me, I think my time is better spent elsewhere. I have immensely enjoyed this journey so far and regret none of it. But looking forward, I don’t see myself continuing with the work.

Thank you to all the past and current listeners, partners, and anyone that has helped with this project along the way. I hope that if you listened, you enjoyed the time and the music.

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