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New iPhone Found On Bar Floor

Can it be true? Has Gizmodo really found themselves in possession of the new iPhone 4 by getting lucky in a Redwood City, California bar?? Well they sure think that they have. After giving the evidence in this article about it, I think I believe them too. Why can’t I get this lucky and find a prototype Apple product?!?

Now the first thing you may be asking is what Gizmodo provided as proof, well, here it is.

  • It has been reported lost

That sounds pretty definitive to me. If Apple says there is a new phone and they have lost it already, someone has to have found it and it would make sense that it is Gizmodo. That and it means someone is getting fired.

  • The screen

After much OoOoing and AhHhing, they say that they can’t tell us the exact resolution of the new phone but they can tell us that it is a lot higher than the iPhone 3GS. It is an Apple quality screen.

  • The operating system

According to the person who found it, this iPhone was running iPhone OS 4.0 before the iPhone 4.0 announcement. The person was able to play with it and see the iPhone 4.0 features. Then, Apple remotely killed the phone before Gizmodo got access to it. That sounds pretty good to me.

  • It is recognized as an iPhone

This phones works exactly the same as a regular iPhone when plugged into a computer.

  • It uses micro-sim

Definitely next-gen. Nobody actually uses the Micro-Sim yet.

  • The camouflage case

The phone had a great little camouflage case around it to make it look like a 3GS. Perfect disguise for a next-gen iPhone.

  • The fact that it’s in the wild right now

Gizmodo uses the fact that it is out being tested right now as truth that it is the next iPhone. Apple usually makes their big announcements and releases mid-summer, which would make this the time that new products would be tested.

Is that proof enough of the new iPhone? I think so. All I need now is for Apple to start making a CDMA version of the phone. Have any more questions? Leave a comment and I will get back to you or check out Gizmodo’s article.

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