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What Are Facebook Ads Worth?

What’s the value of an ad on the internet? What would you pay? What would you expect? Well there is a company that teamed up with Facebook a while ago to try to figure that out. Nielson, a marketing and media information company, did a study researching which ads worked best on Facebook. Which ads were remembered more often and which ads made the viewer more likely to purchase the product? This is what Nielson has released in this study.

Nielson, in their study, looked at three different kinds of ads:

1) Standard “Homepage Ad”
2) Ad that featured social context or “Homepage ads with Social Context”
3) Newsfeed stories or “Organic Ads”

Now in their research, Nielson showed that in every escalating ad that they tested, that the result was progressively better. They said that the most effective ads were the “Organic Ads”, which are ads within your homepage feed. I don’t know about you but that sounds kind of invasive to me….

TechCrunch, where I first read about this study, also alludes to the fact that there may be some bias associated with this study. That’s for you to decide. Take the numbers for what they are worth to you and only take for truth what you want to.

What do you think? Are you bothered by internet ads and ads on Facebook? Does your friends becoming a fan of something make you more likely to pay attention to it? Let us know.

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