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Meet People? Like IRL?

Tweetup – A real-life meeting organized on the social networking site Twitter. Thanks again Wikipedia. A Tweetup is when a bunch of people that have been talking to each other on Twitter want to meet in real life and talk in person. This is what Twitter is about. It’s about making new friends, meeting new people and making new connections. Have you been to a Tweetup yet?

I am planning a Tweetup here in small town, Madison, SD and wanted to share that experience with all of you.

Since the number of Twitter users in South Dakota as a whole is a lot lower than other places I decided to make the using Twitter part optional. I am also advertising this as a place to come and talk to Twitter users if people want to know more about it for personal or use for their business.

Here is a poster that I have hung up all over town in hopes of drawing people in. As of right now, I plan on trying to have a little bit of Twitter discussion, why everyone uses it, what kind of benefits people see, does anyone use Twitter for their business and why others should start using Twitter. Hopefully we can get some people interested and involved.

What do you think, should the topics be different? Should I focus more on the people that use Twitter? Should we focus more on personal or business use? Should we do something completely different like play board games? Have you attended or hosted your own Tweetup? Let me know in the comments or @DevonSchreiner or @InflectoVita or on our Facebook Page.

Are you planning on coming to the Tweetup? Great! Let me know so I can start to get a rough head count!

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