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Best Apps Of Android: Rooted Devices

Alright, here is the heavily anticipated part II of my favorite apps of Android devices, specifically in part II, rooted devices. These apps will only work on devices that have been rooted. There are a lot of very good tutorials to help you root your device, Droid Life has an extensive archive of all the latest and greatest root news separated out by device. There are also many options like the one-click superuser option. Just find a tutorial that you can use and is easy to understand.

Rooted Android Devices:

ROM Manager
One of the main reasons I think people root their device is to install custom ROMs on their phone. This app helps you to easily download and install new ROMs if you have the paid version. If you only have the free version you will have to download the ROM yourself but it will still install it for you.

This very cheap app is one of the easiest speed boosters you will need for you phone. SetCPU allows you set your CPU speed to have a maximum and minimum speed with ease. The app also lets you set different boot speeds and create separate profiles to change your CPU speed while doing different things.

Once you’ve rooted your device, of course you’re going to want to take screenshots to show all your friends. The easiest way to get this done is with ShootMe. You can set it up to run behind the scenes and take a screenshot with a nice shake or even by making a loud sound. It will save it right to your sd card for easy email or direct transfer.

Titanium Backup
Before you start flashing all of these custom ROMs with ROM Manager you want to make sure to make a backup of your setting and apps so you don’t have to reinstall everything and reset all your preferences. This app is the best at what it does and that’s backing up your information.

Wireless Tether
And last but not least, Wireless Tether. Very quickly and easily tether your computer wirelessly or with Bluetooth to your phone’s data services. As soon as you get into the settings you can change everything just like on a router, SSID, Channel, Passphrase and even Transmit Power. This is a great app to get internet onto your computer especially with the prospective speeds of 4G slowly being released into the wild.

Well, those are some of my favorite apps on my rooted Droid. What are yours? Do you have any apps that are definite must haves that aren’t up here? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook Wall, @Tech_Blender or @DevonSchreiner.

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