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An ASUS Transformer Prime Is Close

I finally broke. A bunch of different things have been coming up, situations are aligning so I finally splurged. I splurged all over Amazon and satisfied my lust for the latest and greatest tech toys.

Transformer Prime was bought on Amazon

That’s right, I ordered the brand new, ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 Eee Pad 10.1 inch 32GB Android 4.0 Tablet along with it’s keyboard dock counterpart.

Now if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll remember I had a short stint with a Nook Color before I realized I didn’t need a tablet and could use the money more. Well times are changing. To be completely honest, I am hoping to be able to completely replace my current laptop with this Transformer Prime. I don’t think it will be to hard. I use my desktop for most things anyways and a tablet can handle anything I normally do on my laptop.

Now in the couple, horribly long days I have to wait until I have this new piece of gadget in my hand, I want to know what I should do with it once I get it and what you guys are doing with your tablets. What are the must have apps? What is the one thing I will be able to do with this that will surprise me the most? Why do you love your tablet?

I’ll try to keep you guys posted. If I’m not to busy playing with it, I’ll try to snap some pictures and let you know what I think of the tablet. A better place to check for quicker updates would probably be on Twitter, I’m right here at @DevonSchreiner.

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