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You Still Only Have An iPhone 4?

iPhone 4S Black and WhitePre-order October 7th and receive your new iPhone 4S on October 14th. Wow, that was quick. It seems like just yesterday the original iPhone 4 was released. But that was a whole CEO ago now. Aren’t you glad you bought a Verizon iPhone 4 in February now? Aren’t you glad that you can look at your 6 month old phone and know up-to-date? Are you really that far out of date now? What is so much different about the iPhone 4S that you need to upgrade?

Well you won’t notice anything different on the outside, the iPhone 4S looks exactly the same. Apple has really tried to catch the iPhone 4 back up to other smart phones that are being released and I think they did a pretty good job. It’s on the inside that all of the changes happened. Here’s a look at the major changes and new specs.

  • Dual-core A5 CPU
  • Dual-core GPU (supposedly performs up to 7x better)
  • iOS will now intelligently switch between two different sets of antennae on the fly to avoid dropping calls
  • 8-megapixel camera on the back
  • Can record 1080p video with image stabilization and facial recognition
  • Siri, the humble virtual assistant
  • Available to Sprint customers!
  • Black and white starting at
    • $199 for the 16GB
    • $299 for the 32GB
    • $399 for the 64GB

I now understand why Apple didn’t release this as the iPhone 5. I’ve written before about how Apple has out-hyped themselves before and honestly, I think they did a better job this time. They’ve released a great upgrade to an already great phone. Why do you need to change and make the phone different if it is already so great?

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