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What The iPhone Means To South Dakotans

It was announced back in early January that Verizon would be selling the long awaited Apple iPhone 4 to use on their network. Pre-sale for the iPhone started February 3rd, breaking multiple records, and it’s official release is the 10th. This is pretty big news for most of the 605 area because AT&T doesn’t offer much coverage here so the prospect of an iPhone for most of us was limited to moving to a different state. Not anymore. Are you on a different carrier and thinking about switching to Verizon for the iPhone? Are you with Verizon already and want an iPhone? I’ve got a couple of tips that might make your decision on a new smartphone a little easier.

One of the biggest criticisms this new Verizon iPhone is receiving is that it still uses CDMA technology. As all carriers including Verizon are rolling out their much faster, 4G networks, this new iPhone that you will be stuck with for the next two years is quickly becoming old technology and will not be able to make use of these faster airwaves. Verizon is saying that Sioux Falls will have 4G networks by the end of 2011 also.

Another downfall of the CDMA technology is that it doesn’t have the capability to use voice and data services simultaneously. If you have a phone with Verizon already you are used to that but if you are switching from AT&T, get ready for diminished capabilities there. No more surfing the internet while waiting on hold.

With all of these downfalls to a Verizon iPhone there are many speculations that this summer, just like all previous summers, a new iPhone will be announced that will be equipped to use data and voice at the same time and take advantage of Verizon’s LTE network. This is only a rumor but could be a good hint to wait a while for a better iPhone.

On the other hand, the Verizon iPhone will have built-in hotspot technology. With the press of a button a person can turn their phone into a wireless router and connect their computer to Verizon’s network. This is something that the AT&T iPhone has yet to see, but will probably be available soon.
If you are with Verizon, are happy with the services that you are receiving and aren’t planning on traveling outside the country, go ahead and get an iPhone 4. The people of Verizon have been waiting impatiently for years for this to happen, go for it.

If you are on a different network and not happy with the service, you might want to wait and see what happens. With all of the other AT&T customers switching to Verizon maybe this will lighten the loads on AT&T’s network and make their service that much better. That and I think AT&T will have to do something to help customer retention. Who knows, maybe they are waiting to drop prices or give other benefits. Either way, I feel it would be worth waiting for the next iPhone.

If you are interested in an iPhone on Verizon the price is going to be $199 for the 16GB verison and $299 for the 32GB phone. Without a contract, an they are $649.99 and $749.99 respectivally. As for a data plan for 150MB you’ll be paying $15 a month or you can get unlimited for $30 a month.

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