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Droid On Droid Action

As a follow up to the post about my weird Phone Fetish, I though I would let everyone know that I did finally get my dad’s Motorola Droid. My Eris is currently up on eBay with, as of right now, about a day left on it.

After getting used to my HTC Eris, I was a little bit nervous to switch over to the Moto Droid. But I have and so far I don’t regret it. I’m going to give a little run down on both phones and let you know what I like better.

Just so this is a little easier, I am going to refer to them as Droid and Eris.

Overall, I feel like the Droid is the business phone and the Eris is the personal phone. The Droid has a little bit bigger screen and the physical keyboard. But the Eris has a trackball to make up for what it’s lacking. And don’t take this as sarcasm, the trackball is nice. Maybe that doesn’t mean much coming from a BlackBerry fanboy, but I really liked the track ball.

While we are talking about the hardware, I want to mention that I don’t really like the keyboard on the Droid. I wish the buttons were separated and I didn’t feel like I was pushing four at a time when I typed. Also, the four home buttons on the bottom of both phones are a little mixed on from each other….. That took some getting used to also…

As far as software goes, I feel like the Droid is just a little bit quicker than the Eris, but not enough to call the Eris ‘slow’ by any means. But this is where the business and personal phone thing comes in again. It’s just the very very small things that make the Droid a little better. You can customize just a little bit more and change a couple things. Other than that, I am pretty sure that both phones have the same app store, so there isn’t much of a difference there.

So far I have been getting a lot better battery life on the Droid than the Eris. I could get a good day out of the Eris but unless I am playing games the whole day, I have never been below half battery at the end of the day.

So at the end of the day, I am glad that I now have the Motorola Droid but I would have been just fine with the Eris. Let me know what you think!

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