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Peace Is But A Memory

Days after Zombie Infection: 3

It is getting harder and harder every minute as humans are being turned into zombies all the time now. It is not an uncommon sight at all to see a horde of zombies ambushing a group of humans or a couple zombies chasing someone down. It is hard for me to say, but we are outnumbered.

I do not think the humans have lost this battle though. We may be outnumbered but we are far from defeated. We will fight these zombies with everything we’ve got until we can’t fight no more.

Today there was a small lull in the action. From sometime around 10am to about 2pm there was no killing. No hunting, no feeding and no ambushing. No one has any idea where this came from but it was a nice distraction from reality. It was a time of peace where everyone could walk freely without fear. But that time ended far to soon.

The killing, fighting, hunting, and feeding have all started again…. We will persevere.

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