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Looking For Tech Bloggers To Collaborate On A Podcast

A good friend of mine, Brad Merrill, owner of UnitedTechGuys.com, is looking to start up a laid-back technology podcast. I’ve been wanting to get backing into podcasting for a while now and I think with Brad’s help I’ll be able to get back in and stay in. Here is what Brad said in his post:

I’d like to round up some other tech people out there in the blogosphere and start doing a group podcast every week, or every two weeks.  I’m looking for some varying opinions (e.g. Apple fanboys and Google fandroids).  I want it to be a laid-back, non-scripted conversation about web 2.0, Internet companies, gadgets, computers, and technology in general.

If you’re interested, give Brad a shout at brad@unitedtechguys.com. It should be a fun time had by all.

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