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Technology And Your Private Parts

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Are all of the advancements in technology a threat to our personal privacy? Of course they are. Not only are there so many new and improved ways of intercepting, listening and sharing information but it is all done in the blink of an eye. The difference with technology is there are ways to get around that threat.

As an example, I track stats on my website. When a person goes to my website, there is a lot of information that is recorded. I can see their IP address, what town they are in, who their ISP is, how long they stayed on my website, what website they came from, where they clicked on my website and even what internet browser they are using. Is this legal? Of course it is. Is this an invasion of privacy? Some would say so. I definitely think it is.

Amitai Etzioni describes in his article the E-ZPass, toll paying system. This technological system is used track a prepaid toll account so you don’t have to carry change with you through a toll booth. Etzioni writes that it would be an invasion of privacy if this information was tracked and kept in databases accessible to everyone. Do you think that would be an invasion of privacy? I would.

How about a website that catalogs your name, phone number, address, email address, birthday, religious views, hundreds of pictures and videos of you, exactly what you are thinking at the moment and was accessible to anyone with the internet whenever they wanted it? Would that be an invasion of privacy? Of course it is! What are you people thinking?! Well welcome to Facebook.

All of these technologies are huge reaches into our private lives whether you think they or not. But with these, we strongly believe that the good out-weighs the bad in these situations, otherwise we wouldn’t be on Facebook, the E-ZPass system would have failed and you would never be going to another website again. Giving away some information about ourselves can be a good thing.

I also mentioned in the first paragraph that there is a way to stop all of this privacy invasion. It’s really easy. Don’t use the technology. It’s all optional. You don’t have to use Facebook, you don’t have to use the internet. If you have a problem with the way technology is being used to thwart your privacy efforts, do something about it.

New technology is definitely a threat to everyone’s privacy. It has the power to share all your deepest secrets to the world in seconds. Technology could help you lose your identity to millions of people with a couple clicks. But with the right measures in place. Technology is only the means to an end.

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