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Followers: Can’t Tweet With Them, Can’t Tweet Without Them

There are thousands and thousands of different utilities for Twitter out on the internet that do many different things. Some automatically follow other users, some automatically unfollow them. Some automatically send direct messages, some schedule tweets to be made at later times. Some cost money some are free, some are good, some are bad. I have stumbled onto one of these tools that is very easy and very helpful someone that is following a lot of people.Tweetils.com was designed by @Schrestman to be a follower manager. It very easily unfollows and follows users with the click of a button.

Tweetils.com has four specific services:

  • Suggester – Search the public timeline for keywords or hashtags, and return a list of suggested users for you to follow.
  • Twittectomy – Identify and unfollow inactive twitterers.
  • Mass Unfollow – Unfollow twitterers who aren’t following you back. Use this to get over twitter ratio limitations!
  • Mass Follow – Follow twitterers that are following you, but you’re not yet following! Now includes an Auto-DM option!

All you have to do is fill out this easy form and push the button and *POOF!* it’s done! Now I know that some of you are going to say, “But Devon, I don’t want to give them my password!! It’s a free service! That can’t be good!!” Well for what it’s worth, I have tried all of these services that Tweetils offers with one of my test accounts and they work great. I have yet to have my account highjacked by them. But if I do, you will be the first to know.

Let me know if you try it out if it works or if anything bad happens to your account. Or post in the comments if you know any other great utilities like this one!

For more tips and tricks like this one, check out UnitedTechGuys.com.

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