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Two Thumbs ‘Up’?

I think when there is so much hype for a movie that everyone has seen it and everyone knows what its about, I start to form an opinion already. For some reason, it seems like no matter if people really like it or people really hate it, if its a big movie, I tend to pick the opposite opinion than everyone else.

So right off the bat, I didn’t like ‘Up’ because everyone else did like it. It’s also a Disney movie which makes me less likely to like the movie because I’m not a seven years old anymore. So ‘Up’ already had a couple of strikes against it before I walked into the theater.

I just want to say up front, I thought the movie was very illogical, irrational and highly improbable. Let’s start with the easy one, Carl floated his house away with baloons….really? If that was anywhere near possible, somebody probably would have done it by now. But sadly, it isn’t possible, don’t try it. And especially don’t try to steer it with the curtains….

Then there’s the dogs with the talking collars and the crazy bird that is similar to the Road Runner but is faster and can teleport…. I’m not going to go on though, you’ve seen the movie, you know how out there it is.

But alas, I am onto my second year of college and probably just can’t appreciate the masterpiece of a children’s movie that this is. I guess when you look at Disney’s greatest classics, there isn’t much more sense. The Jungle Book, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Shrek, the list goes on. So all in all, it’s another great, off the wall, crazy Disney movie.

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