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Limitless Brewing: Refusing To Be Defined

What is Limitless Brewing?

Their slogan is: Refuse to be Defined. So without trying to define them too much, Limitless Brewing wants to become the community brewery. From their Facebook page, “We want to be your community center that serves beer!”. All of Limitless Brewing’s social media says that they plan to be opening in 2018 somewhere in Lenexa, KS. They have posted a few updates about the search for space and I’m hoping they find exactly what they’re looking for, the sooner the better!

What makes Limitless Brewing Different?

Local craft breweries are popping up everywhere, and don’t get me wrong, I love ever single one of them, but sometimes they just don’t have the same character and personality of the best breweries. So what makes Limitless Brewing stand apart from the rest? Their community focus.

Limitless Brewing’s website makes it pretty clear they are hear for a reason other than to create and share great beer. Without even having space announced yet, their plans for events are already incredible. Here’s a list of event ideas from their website that all want to give back to the community.

  • Charity Events
  • Running clubs, yoga classes, cycling events
  • Volunteer Events
  • Holiday Community Meals
  • Artist Events
  • Brewing Events

To me, this sounds like the best way to get lifelong fans of your brand. Focus on your customers and the people that live close to you. I can’t wait for Limitless Brewing to open and I’m even more excited to meet the people behind this venture and try their beer. Here’s to hoping they are ready to go sooner rather than later!

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