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96 Hours Of Dexter

After diligently watching almost 100 hours of Showtime’s Dexter, Katie and I have finally finished the series. The series that many thought ended horribly and lost most of it’s steam about halfway through. Here’s what I think with as few spoilers as possible.


I had multiple people tell me that I should stop watching Dexter after season four. Even if I wasn’t asking if they enjoyed the series, that was the constant comment. Not wanting to spoil anything or read as to why I should stop watching after this season, I started the show. The first thing I have to say is that after the season finale of the fourth season, I don’t know how anyone could stop watching.

I absolutely loved the way season four ended and with such an epic moment, I couldn’t stop. Starting season five almost immediately, I never stopped enjoying Dexter all the way up until the end. Any plot holes were easy enough to understand or piece my way through that I was never worried enough about the show. After much deliberating, I can come up with a decent enough explanation or remember why or how something happened.

The controversial and most widely disliked season of Dexter was a favorite of mine. I thought it was very different, well thought out and thematically well presented.

And finally the highly criticized ending of the series was interesting. In the seconds after finishing the episode, I wasn’t able to wrap my head around why Dexter did what he did and what was going on. But after a night of thinking about it, I don’t think the series could have ended any other way. There is no way that Dexter was going to get caught. The number one rule of the code was to not get caught. It would have contradicted Dexter’s whole life to get caught. I thought the execution was beautiful, quite and impactful.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the whole series. There was never really a point in time that I was upset or disappointed with the show. I was very happy. Let me know what you think about Dexter.

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